Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Excellent software that helps you improve your flying skills


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  • Category Emulators
  • Program license Full Version
  • Version 2016
  • Size 667.15 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Steampowered

Flight Simulator X is, as might be surmised from the severely practical name, Microsoft's tenth issue of its hugely popular flight simulator game. Highly touted for its realistic flight experience, the game takes the player on a voyage of discovery, with tutorials on how to aim drops, how to master the plane and how to land the plane.

The game is quite a large one, demanding a more than six hundred and thirty megabytes, but this is understandable seeing all the graphics and experiencing the realistic gameplay.

Upon starting up the game, the player has three choices, completion of all of them will ensure mastery of all of the game controls and activities. While getting to grips with the technology, the player can change planes, trying his or her skills out in everything from an ultra-light to a helicopter by way of small and nippy Cessna planes and full-sized commercial airliners. It is advisable to spend a little time in this area, getting to grips with the controls and learning the ins and outs of as many planes as possible. The controls are not simple and it requires patience and concentration to master them to the point that they become effortless and intuitive.

As the player waits missions arrive in the form of urgent messages from Traffic Control, and the player flies off to fulfil the demands of the mission which can be fun and light-hearted or more serious and challenging. For example, the more serious incidents that the player might have to undertake could be to rescue workers after an industrial accident or rescue oil rig workers from the platform before an explosion burns them all. The light-hearted missions can involve trying to land the plane on top of a bus or collecting a movie star.

To add verisimilitude to the game Microsoft have included immensely satisfying details to the game. Flying too close to the ground or crash-landing the plane sends wildlife scattering from the area, and each of the 24,000 airports available in the full version are minutely detailed and accurately plotted, with even the correct astronomical formations for the time of year programmed into the game.

Fight fans can program pre-flight checks in which they are given flight conditions, weather reports and airplane check results. Adrenaline junkies can add excitement to their flight by scheduled an equipment failure during the flight.

Flight Simulator X also offers a multiplayer option. Players can invite buddies along as passengers in their plane, or have them take the part of the air traffic controller, guiding them from the tower.

There are a multitude of facets to the game: from varying degrees of difficulty to the wide variety of planes to choose from and the seemingly endless array of flights to take, airports to land at and the wonderfully detailed backgrounds and settings, that few players could claim boredom with this game.

If there are any issues they are due to those fabulous graphics and the realistic flight experience offered by the game – it makes the game very resource hungry! The game does not play well when lots of other applications and programs are open and running and it uses a lot of the computer's memory in the heat of the action.


  • A fantastic game, a flight simulator that carries the player away!
  • Plenty of planes, places and missions to keep interest high and the player fully engaged for many hours of game play


  • Uses a lot of the computer's resources and it is not advised to keep other programmes and applications open when playing
  • The controls require some mastery at the beginning of the game
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